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Espresso Film Blue

It was love at first grind.

When rockstar coffee roaster and café owner Austin falls for new customer Marion, he must listen to his heart (and another major organ) or risk missing out on the unexpected love of his life.

Austin runs the finest café and roasting house in the toughest coffee town in the world – Melbourne. He’s a windswept and interesting sort with a tendency toward getting in his own way.

The object of his affection is the lovely Marion, a newly-minted associate professor at Melbourne University. She’s new to town, left someone behind and is still trying on her new life for size.

With the help of his straight-shooting head barista Jennifer and his chameleon-like cook Felix, Austin might just be able to act natural long enough to win Marion’s affection.

Espresso is a film about attraction between two self-made people. And the daily pleasure of superb coffee.


Skinny Serpico Doobie! Depth
Charge Latte! Hillbilly and a Why
Bother service up!

DING! As Austin passes her, she has his coffee ready.

And a Facemelter for the boss.

Austin, still sleepy, gives her a tiny wave.

Gimme a moment?

He takes the double ristretto to his perch at the end of the counter, inhales the aroma, and grows an inch taller with each sip.

Hmmm, a holy Facemelter,

Austin’s lights begin to twinkle. He clicks into gear for the day ahead.

Read the full script here: Espresso Script