Photo: Outside the “Homan” Resources Market Shekou, China

I began my collection of Chinese-English in Hong Kong a couple of years ago. But nothing prepared me for the delightful Chinese-English in Lijiang. And please know that my enjoyment of Chinese-English is done with the understanding that maybe somewhere in the world is a language where a jeff burns is a hairy backside. Lijiang’s Yu Yuan Bread Room was quaintly decipherable as a bakery (and Bread Room I dare say would be hip enough to hold its own in New York City). Over the road was the intriguing Cake World of the Sweet Wheat Smell Park. A restaurant called Short of One Taste seemed to admit up front they hadn’t quite got the recipe right. I suspect the No.2 Market on South Outskirt was so named to save them printing a map. Similarly the name of the Long Pan restaurant seemed to double as the dress code.
I guessed that the Minority Nationality Scene Amorous Feelings Choice store sold traditional love song music. I couldn’t begin to tell you what went on at the Crop Hospital or the Again Turn Around Sound Picture shop (maybe a video store?). The Fu Kang Greatness Drug Store was screaming for an ad campaign with the slogan, ‘I feel Fu Kang great after that herbal medicine.’ And God only knows what was on offer in the Sexual Health Tool Shop.